2020 Town Meeting Report

Dear Friends,

As always, it is my honor to represent you in the Vermont House of Representatives. This session, I have continued my focus of making Vermont a friendlier place to live, work, raise a family, retire, and do business. These efforts closely mirror my desire to stimulate economic growth, reduce the cost of living, and protect the most vulnerable Vermonters.

The session got off to a fast start, with a number of gubernatorial vetoes for the House to consider overriding or sustaining. The most notable issues were paid family leave and raising the minimum wage. The paid family leave veto was sustained, while the minimum wage veto was overridden.

I’ve been hard at work as a member of the House Committee on Education, where we’ve focused on a Universal Prekindergarten program and improving literacy in the classroom. We’ve briefly spoken about proficiently based learning and grading, but we’re waiting on the Senate to send us their work.

I’ve also sponsored and co-sponsored a number of pieces of legislation, including H.817 which is a Universal Afterschool Program. This bill is very exciting for me as it focuses on giving children of every age access to afterschool programs across the state using the tax revenue from the sale of cannabis.

Throughout the remainder of the session, I look forward to continuing to advance pro-affordability and pro-growth priorities as we debate issues like the upcoming budget, tax policy, and more.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I am always here to listen. Feel free to contact me at:

Representative Casey J. Toof

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (802) 309-3522


Thank you for your continued support.





Representative Casey J. Toof

Franklin 3-1 St. Albans City & Town

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