First Legislative Update


We have started the 2020 Legislative Session I am happy and excited to be back serving the people of St. Albans. I spent most of the last few months chasing my two boys around the ball fields and hockey rink.

When Speaker Mitzi Johnson gaveled in the 2020 session last week she spoke of civility and urged us to work with our fellow legislators. Vermont is unique where we can have civil discussions and disagreements without all the rhetoric. 

Governor Phil Scott, who also spoke of civility, gave his State of the State address last week setting the administrations agenda for the year. I was encouraged by his priorities, including expanding afterschool programs, which is one bill I’ve introduced to the House Education Committee, the committee in which I serve. I know we are also going to focus our attention on proficiency based grading and proficiency based learning and expanding our vocational technical education programs to help build our work force. I’m excited and honored to be able to tackle these issues.

I plan on being as transparent as I can this legislative session. Weekly updates will be found on my website, Facebook, and available through email. Please take the time to sign up for my newsletter at and contact me any time at [email protected]. I look forward to the upcoming session and I think you for your time.


Rep. Casey Toof

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