Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veteran's Day

Good Evening Everyone,

Yes I know it is late, but we have had a busy week with BCA meetings on redistricting and hockey practices. I wanted to at least send out an email to everyone to say Happy Veteran's Day to all of those who served and all of those who have sworn to protect our freedoms. I want to say a big THANK YOU. 

I also want to thank you to BFA and the City of St. Albans for the beautiful parade and ceremony in the park this morning. Too often do we take for granted our freedoms and rarely do we take the time to appreciate our veterans. It was refreshing to not only see such a great turnout on this beautiful day, but to see all of the Comets and Bobwhites attend today to show their appreciation. 

These types of ceremonies make St. Albans even more special. I am so proud to be a part of St. Albans and this community. Thank you again to all of those who serve and who have served. We cannot thank you enough. 



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