Reelection Announcement 2020

Dear Friends, 

Two years ago, I filed the necessary paperwork to become a candidate for the Vermont House of Representatives. In the following months, I made my way around our community knocking on thousands of doors and having important conversations with so many of you about the serious issues we face as a state and what a better future might look like for all of us.

Together, we were able to build a successful campaign focused on making Vermont more affordable, creating a sustainable economy, and expanding our workforce and working-age population to support growth and opportunity in Vermont.

These are the issues you sent me to Montpelier to address, and for the first portion of my term, combined with my work on the House Education Committee and working across the aisle as member of the Youth Caucus, were my main focus, while building relationships with my colleagues and maintaining a strong, working relationship with Governor Scott and his Administration.

However, in the early days of March it became clear we were facing a generational challenge as Covid-19 began to inch closer to Vermont. On March 13th the House gaveled out for the last time and since then we’ve been meeting remotely.

These are truly unprecedented and historic times.

In an instant our work went from working on the issues I campaigned on, to ensuring that the people of St. Albans had the very best information to protect themselves, their families, and our community from this new threat.

As new, federal relief began to roll out, it became clear that many would need help navigating relief programs that were often difficult to access – including many hours spent helping folks apply for and receive the Unemployment Insurance benefits they deserve.

I think that it’s easy for local legislators to overthink their roles and use their title as an opportunity to further national political agendas that often have little to do with the day-to-day struggles that our constituents deal with in their real lives.

These last couple months have been difficult and challenging, and what lies ahead promises a level of uncertainty that is unprecedented to many of us.

However, it has been my honor to dig in, and serve our people in a way that I never imagined just a few short months ago. After all, St. Albans is where I learned the value of community, of our neighbors and the importance of taking care of one another. It’s what led me to return here after college, and to seek the opportunity to serve the place and people that instilled those values in me.

I love St. Albans, and over the last 18 months, through incredibly difficult times, it has been an honor to serve as your representative. 

Today, I’m announcing that I’m running for reelection.

More than ever, St. Albans needs leaders who won’t shy away from hard work, that recognize serving the community is more important than serving a political agenda, and who will always put our people and this place first.

With your support, I’ll continue to do my best, to be that leader.




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