Why I'm Running

I was asked by the St. Albans Messenger a series of questions that will continue each week until the election on November 6th. This is the first question: Why are you running for the legislature and what qualifications do you have for the seat you are seeking?

I am running because as a lifelong St. Albans resident I see too many Vermonters struggle to live, work, and raise a family here in Vermont. Going door to door I hear far too many people tell me that their son or daughter has left the state to find a better job and a cheaper way of life. As a father of two young children, I am worried to think about what their future here brings.

This community has taught me a lot – including the need to give back.  I am offering my voice because I can fight for and prioritize St. Albans values - not Burlington wishes. I will fight the opiate epidemic, I will fight for a more affordable Vermont – by opposing tax and fee increases  and I will work to bring better jobs and better access for Vermonters to go to college.


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