April 6, 2020 Legislative Update

I hope everyone is staying safe during this state of emergency. Things have been really busy for the Vermont State Legislature while we work remotely from home. I have been receiving many questions and comments via phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook. I’ve been trying my best to share all the information I receive as quickly as I can, and I try to point people in the right direction to the best of my ability. I continue to encourage everyone to reach out to me with any inquiries. 

Our House Committee on Education has been working remotely over the last few weeks using Zoom. We are taking up only one bill at this time, and that is S.164 which is a miscellaneous Ed bill. This bill will help special education issues regarding Act 173 that passed in 2018. I will also encourage everyone to tune into our YouTube live stream by going to https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/10

Right now, the State of Vermont is focusing on how we can pass a budget during this pandemic. We received a fiscal note from our Joint Fiscal Office about the estimated revenue issues for the remainder of the fiscal year 2020. Currently, we are looking at a General Fund shortage of $202 million, a Transportation Fund shortage of $45 million, and an Education Fund shortage of $145 million. We have some big issues ahead of us as a state financially. 

I will continue to offer my contact information to anyone who is looking for answers. I can be reached at [email protected] any time or you can follow my Facebook page to receive daily updates. I appreciate everyone’s patience and civility during this time. Please stay home and stay safe. 


Representative Casey J. Toof

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