Making Vermont more affordable 

For too long Vermonters have been struggling just to get by. I will support policies in Montpelier that will reduce our cost of living and lead to more prosperity for our St. Albans community. I want to limit taxation and lower the cost of living to make Vermont more affordable for working families. 


Growing Vermont's economy through workforce development 

Vermont has jobs, but we don't have enough qualified workers to fill those jobs. I will focus on creating more opportunities in St. Albans for workers to gain on and off the job training, provide more value to the workforce, and increase their employment options. I want to ensure that education and college educations is affordable and easily accessible for Vermonters. 


Continue to combat our communities’ opiate epidemic 

An issue that our state has been grappling with for over a decade. We have made some great progress in access to treatment, but now is not the time to let off the gas. We have more tools than ever to prevent and treat addiction. We can turn the corner on this epidemic if we continue forward with focus.

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